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Whenever I interview a new potential student I ask the student or parents what they have at home to practice on. Since I emphasize musicianship from the very earliest lessons I know that a student's success is going to be deeply affected by the pleasure he or she gets from the sounds being made and the responsiveness of the instrument. Ben has just provided me with a wonderful gift in this little book that I can hand to both parents and adult students to encourage their taking the time to find just the right fit and to understand what a good investment the right piano is.

~ Anita Manuel, Piano Teacher
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Oh, another "Shopper's Guide" for prospective piano purchasers, NOT!! The very title of Ben Klinger's "Why We Play" book sets it apart from all (or, at least, most) "How to Buy a Piano' tutorials online or in print.

Ben starts with the very essence of the right motivation to have a piano in your life, or to give a gift of a piano to someone else, answering the question, "Why?!" He does it through the words of others: people of varied walks of life, ages, backgrounds, and temperaments. But all of them, in their own unique ways, say essentially the same thing: My piano makes my life so much richer and allows me to get in touch with my inner world of thoughts and emotions, not otherwise reachable or expressible.

~ Valentina Rodov,
Attorney and Concert Pianist

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