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Ben Klinger, with an uncanny combination of people perception and piano knowledge, places the reins in the buyer's hands with this delightfully inspired little book. With compassion, humor and a primary desire to find the fit between pianist and piano, he reminds us of why we love the instrument. His writing balances the sublime and the practical, illuminating human response to sound AND giving tips for interacting with salespeople. One leaves the pages infused with joy and empowered for the process of acquiring a piano.

~ Deborah Dewey, Pianist

The piano is capable of a vast variety of sounds and nuances, and is a direct expression, I believe, of the human soul. It expresses one's totality. I think you've written a wonderful volume that addresses the need to give the utmost thought and consideration to the purchase of something which can only bring manifold returns. It is perhaps the most worthwhile investment any person can make. My warmest congratulations on this book.

~ Craig Sheppard,
Concert Pianist and Steinway Artist

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