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Ben Klinger’s Why We Play is a delightful exploration of the process of piano buying. Balancing anecdotes from his own experiences as a musician and salesman and the experiences of others with practical advice for the shopper, Klinger encourages the reader to approach purchasing a piano from a new perspective. Rather than searching the internet for reviews and bargains, he tells us to use our own ears and find a piano that inspires us to play. This refreshing take on the subject is full of information—and a good dose of inspiration—useful to the first-time buyer, amateur pianist, or music professional.

~ Chelsea Bloomberg,
NCTM, SCMTA Vice President
and RCMFS Project Coordinator

It (Why We Play) has charm, profundity and great honesty as well. Your conviction about what music can bring us rings true throughout—I am sure it will be both helpful and inspirational to readers!

~ Robin McCabe,
Concert Pianist and Steinway Artist


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