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I loved your book! I found it very informative, entertaining and a wonderful guide to anyone thinking of buying a piano or for just learning to love your piano. For the very experienced, as you say it is a search for your soulmate; for the hobby player, it is what you want to make of your experience; for the novice, it is a formidable purchase fraught with many unknowns. You address all of these points very well and you place your comments in todays world of instant research and assumed knowledge. I found comments from pianists at the very beginning a great beginning that made you want to read on. The descriptive chapter on buying the right piano and the illustrative story was absolutely spot on. You make your point that it really is a love affair of the buyer and the piano very clear and time should be taken to make the choice and that for a beginner, it is a beginning of a journey.

~ Naomi Minegishi
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Why We Play (the Piano) by Ben Klinger is an easy, quick (60 minute read) yet rich and insightful book about the process of buying a piano. Mr. Klinger has succeeded in writing a book that demonstrates that the process of buying a piano is a journey into the exploration of pianos, where variety of character and sound quality is parallel to the enormous diversity of personalities in the human race.

It is clear that for Mr. Klinger, buying a piano is not about buying a thing to own, it is about starting an adventure into a never-ending world of sound, that can be done at your own pace, and is always worth your time. His perception on purchasing a piano is not, "What is the piano worth?" Mr. Klinger challenges you to ask, "How much worth can you discover in the piano?"

~ Ann Cummings, Pianist
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