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"Why We Play" is a much needed and perfectly timed book. The process of making music starts with obtaining an instrument, then learning the necessary skills and choosing the repertoire and style. But the instrument comes first. Making the right choice when buying a piano will influence the next steps in learning or advancing and essentially enjoying the music-making process.

While there are many books about pianists and piano music, there are very few about the instrument itself. "Why We Play" offers a unique perspective on the process of selecting a piano in our era of smartphones and tablets. Ben Klinger offers you a different kind of GPS and a completely new direction of looking and listening to the piano and essentially finding your relationship with it.

Ben Klinger's book reads like a conversation with a friend. He invites you into the showroom and lets you inside the pianos, under their skin, into their internal heartbeat. We learn about the character and tone and what makes it so varied. We learn what to look for and what to ask the salesperson about the piano. But most of all, Ben shares with us what to listen for and how to feel the piano.

In "Why We Play" Ben takes us on his own journey to the piano showroom with honesty and integrity of a close friend too. His extensive knowledge and experience allow him to explain the complexity of piano building in a convincing and understandable way. He offers valuable tips on selecting a used piano as well as a new one. But most of all, "Why We Play" is an inspirational book. It makes you take a new look at your place at the piano. Without any reservations, the book convinced me that when it comes to the joy and fulfillment of making music, the sky is the limit. "Why We Play" made me want to run back to the piano and play! And that is why this book will take a prominent place close to my piano.

~ Yelena Balabanova, D.M.A, NCTM,
Concert Pianist and Performance Coach

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