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Oh, another "Shopper's Guide" for prospective piano purchasers, NOT!! The very title of Ben Klinger's "Why We Play" book sets it apart from all (or, at least, most) "How to Buy a Piano' tutorials online or in print.

Ben starts with the very essence of the right motivation to have a piano in your life, or to give a gift of a piano to someone else, answering the question, "Why?!" He does it through the words of others: people of varied walks of life, ages, backgrounds, and temperaments. But all of them, in their own unique ways, say essentially the same thing: My piano makes my life so much richer and allows me to get in touch with my inner world of thoughts and emotions, not otherwise reachable or expressible.

So for those who come to the piano store because, "My mother-in-law told me to buy a piano", or "It will look good in my living room", or "All my kid's friends take piano lessons," you are up for a big and very pleasant surprise; you have embarked on a journey to find yourself the best friend and confidant.

And with that in mind, listen to Ben tell you how to go about it the best way possible. As you will find out reading Ben's book, there is a lot of psychology involved in the process of finding that best friend, but when it "clicks" you will have an epiphany like no other!

~ Valentina Rodov,
Attorney and Concert Pianist

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